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Revenue Reporting

Annually, OAAA requests a statement of member operator total revenue and total display counts. This  allows OAAA to aggregate industry facts & figures. Each month, members are asked to submit total revenue to Miller Kaplan, a certified public accounting firm, and Kantar Media, a nationally recognized media data service that monitors ad spend data for all media segments. The data is used in aggregate so your company's actual revenue is never released publicly.

Top 20 OAAA OOH Member Companies

Adams Outdoor Advertising
Burkhart Advertising
Clear Channel Outdoor
Colossal Media
DDI Media
InSite Street Media
Interstate Outdoor Advertising
Lamar Advertising Company
Link Media Outdoor
Meadow Outdoor Advertising
Mile High Outdoor Advertising
Norton Outdoor Advertising
Pacific Outdoor Advertising
Park Outdoor Advertising
Reagan Outdoor Advertising
Vector Media
YESCO Outdoor Media

How Reporting Strengthens OOH and Ways to Make it Better

There are many important reasons to report ad spend:

1. Robust monthly revenue reports to Miller Kaplan and Kantar are critical for accurately reporting the vibrancy and growth of the OOH industry. 
2. Accurately representing the size of the OOH industry can translate into increased business, interest from the press, interest from Wall Street, and respect from the public. It is about defining OOH success, credibility and economic impact in our communities across the US.
3. Our customers (advertisers & agencies) consistently ask for competitive information to build their marketing plans. They want to know what competitors doing, what markets they are in, and what OOH formats they are using. 
4. OOH planning and buying services use competitive information as a benchmarking tool as well as a guide when comparing marketing strategies to make critical decisions on OOH spending.
5. Competitive information can help clients determine how big an OOH buy needs to be  either to stay competitive in a market or to dominate their category.
6. Accurate competitive spending reports are something advertisers and their agencies expect from a mature and primary medium. This information elevates OOH to the media status it deserves alongside other core media.

You can help improve OOH reporting:
  1. Billboard companies represent the majority of companies that routinely report their revenue. To provide a more comprehensive view of the size of the OOH industry, revenue reporting is needed from all OOH media formats to deliver an accurate portrayal. 
  2. Both Kantar Media and Miller Kaplan have worked with the OAAA to develop simple formats for reporting revenue. Their forms Miller Kaplan Arase Revenue Reporting Form and Kantar Media Ad Spend Reporting Form are straightforward and your revenue reporting systems can be easily manipulated to provide the few data fields required. 

Guidelines for Revenue Reporting

 To ensure industry revenue is accurate and correctly represented in the advertising and media
 community, OAAA recommends OOH media companies report revenue to the following companies.
 Source  Collection
 What's Collected  How Used
OAAA    Annually  Auditor statement of total
 CY/ FY revenue 
 To determine dues level & to produce aggregate
 industry facts & figures 
 Monthly    Revenue by format  Basis for OAAA quarterly industry releases by format
  Monthly   Revenue by market & by
 Basis for OAAA quarterly revenue releases &
 competitive spending requests from members

 How to Report

 Source  What to Report    Who to Contact
  OAAA   · Total net revenue by format (all forms of
 billboard, street furniture, transit, and
 alternative media should be identified)
 · Total number of displays
 Marci Werlinich
 Executive Vice President of Operations
 1850 M St., NW
 Ste #1040
 Washington, DC 20036
 (202) 833-5566
 (202) 833-1522 fax
  Miller Kaplan   Monthly Net Revenue by Type of OOH
 · Bulletins
 · Posters
 · Digital Billboards
 · Street Furniture
 · Transit
 · Alternative Media
 · Digital Place-Based
 · Cinema

Miller Kaplan Arase Revenue Reporting Form

 Andrew Rosen
 Miller Kaplan Arase
 4123 Lankershim Blvd.
 North Hollywood, CA 91602
 (818) 769-2010 x1108
 (818) 769-3100 fax
 Kantar Media   Month and year of advertisement
 · Market name
 · Product class
 · Advertiser name
 · Type of OOH unit (all forms of billboard,
 street furniture, transit, and alternative
 media should be identified)
 · Net revenue

Kantar Media Ad Spend Reporting Form

Erica Smith

(757) 213-2113