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Operations & Safety

Since its formation in 1891, safety has been a core value of OAAA's mission. To that end, this section contains information to improve the OOH advertising product through industry standards, promotion of safe operations, and updates on industry technological innovations.

On the regulatory front, OAAA stays in close, regular contact with federal agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and many other groups and agencies to make sure the industry's voice is heard so new standards and regulations support our members' interests, are easy to understand, and enable OAAA member companies to remain competitive locally and nationally.

OAAA's commitment to safety provides opportunities for officials in member companies to become industry leaders in national regulatory activities, participate in industry standard committees, and develop association policies and standards. The Safety, Standards & Technology (SST) committee and industry events are also great venues for networking and sharing information for those OAAA members with similar interests and concerns.

OAAA Safety Committees
The Safety, Standards & Technology (SST) and the OAAA ad-hoc Safety Committees promote safety and voluntary operational practices for the OOH advertising industry.

OAAA SST Committee:
Richard Peterson, Porter Advertising (Chair)
John Barrett, Barrett Outdoor
Ken Guy, Link Media Outdoor
Mike Helm, Dakota Outdoor Advertising
Steve Hillwig, OUTFRONT Media
Orly Ortiz, Clear Channel Outdoor
Bryan Parker, Clear Channel Outdoor
Ryan Poarch, Adams Outdoor Advertising
Bobby Switzer, Lamar Advertising Company
Micky Vint, Lamar Advertising Company
Chris Zukin, Meadow Outdoor Advertising

OAAA ad hoc Safety Committee:
Bob Chesonis, OUTFRONT Media
Jim Poage, Formetco
Chuck Wigger, Lamar Advertising Company
Kerry Yoakum-OAAA Staff liaison


Member Resources


Industry Safety and Operations Regulations

LED Lighting Guidance

OAAA Display Monitoring API 

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