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OAAA Principles for Privacy & Data

OAAA Guiding Principles for the OOH Industry Regarding Privacy and Use of Consumer Data

OAAA’s Privacy and Consumer Data Usage Guiding Principles for the OOH industry are recommendations intended to provide baseline markers that respect consumer privacy and the use of consumer data. Recognizing that the operational characteristics of OAAA members often differ from one another and technology itself changes rapidly, the following principles anticipate that individual members may need to adopt modifications that are consistent with their particular business model.

  1. Privacy by Design: OAAA members take privacy into account in the entire engineering process to develop products that anticipate and mitigate any privacy concerns.

  2. Transparency is Critical: Consumer data collection practices should be transparent and accurately disclosed.

  3. Legitimate Purpose:  OAAA members only collect consumer data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes.

  4. Compliance with Laws:  The collection and use of consumer data must comply with all applicable laws.

  5. Individual Control: Consumers should have control over whether to disclose personally identifiable information.

  6. Protection of Personally Identifiable Information: OAAA members should take reasonable precautions to protect personally identifiable information in their possession from loss, unauthorized access or theft.