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Pepsi Pepsi

Super Bowl LIII was hosted in Atlanta, GA - the birthplace and home of Coca-Cola.

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Koval Koval

Koval is distilled in Chicago, Illinois. It is a local brand with national distribution.

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Intrinsic Wine Co. Intrinsic Wine Co.

Intrinsic Wine Co. is an emerging wine brand looking to make its mark by gaining new audiences with a unique viewpoint and messasge.

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Coca Cola's Honest Tea Coca Cola's Honest Tea

Coca Cola's Honest Tea wanted to broaden its approach beyond the most affluent consumers and get into their everyday lives. It needed to raise awareness that it not only provided bottled teas, but also pouched Honest Kids juices and other products.

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Coors Light Draft NYC Coors Light Draft NYC

Coors Light maintained high awareness levels, but somehow that was not converting to draft beer sales in New York. Manhattan was seeing a decline in draft selection in six key neighborhoods. MillerCoors challenged the team to drive growth in the top three neighborhoods: Murray Hill, the community surrounding Madison Square Garden, and Midtown.

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Coca-Cola's vitaminwater Coca-Cola's vitaminwater

In 2017, vitaminwater recognized that it needed to maintain its current customer base and recruit more drinkers. The company faced competition from newer products entering the market and there was a clear need to differentiate itself from other brands.

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Perrier Flavor Studio Perrier Flavor Studio

To celebrate the brand's vibrant range of sparkling flavors, it launched the Perrier Flavor Studio: an experiential, multisensory pop-up activation tailored to its ideal audience. The company created a unique environment for sampling and interacting with consumers.

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Miller Lite Wrigleyville World Series Miller Lite Wrigleyville World Series

Miller Lite had a hunch baseball history would be made in 2016. In July, it built an OOH plan that would support the Chicago Cubs in the run for their first World Series title in 108 years.

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Red Bull Red Bull

This campaign was designed to drive product awareness across different "consumption occasions" and to encourage trial among new and infrequent consumers of Red Bull.

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Skyy Vodka Skyy Vodka

Skyy wanted to stand out from the rest of the holiday clutter and connect with consumers by surrounding themselves in the most holiday-centric persona.

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Sparkling ICE - 2016 Ratings Driven Media Planning Award Sparkling ICE - 2016 Ratings Driven Media Planning Award

Having engaged with new media buying agency, Sparkling ICE was poised to boldly position themselves as a brand leader in the sparkling beverage category.

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Coca-Cola Coca-Cola

The vendor team worked with Coca-Cola to develop a web experience called “What’s in a Name” that celebrates the stories behind a variety of names. 

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Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII

As the Super Bowl loomed on the horizon, Pepsi faced the challenge of how to make the biggest event of the year – seen by over 115 million people – even bigger. How could a 12-minute sponsored Super Bowl Halftime Show, the ultimate “Live for Now” moment, be even bigger and last even longer?

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Absolut Greyhound Absolut Greyhound

In a market where over 100 vodkas launched in 2012, ABSOLUT needed to stand out by owning the vodka cocktail. The brand challenged the planning agency to come up with an inventive way to champion ABSOLUT above its competition by showcasing the Greyhound cocktail so the brand would be top of mind every time the consumer walked into a bar.

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Hennessy - 2012 OOH Media Plan Award of the Year Hennessy - 2012 OOH Media Plan Award of the Year

Hennessy is the #1 selling Cognac brand in the US. However, over the last few years sales have plateaued for both Hennessy and the Cognac category due to the rise of premium spirits products targeting this same core consumer.

Hennessy - 2012 OOH Media Plan Award of the Year

Finnegans Blonde Ale Finnegans Blonde Ale

Finnegans is a brewing company based in Minneapolis, MN, founded in 2000. It is a for Profit S Corporation that donates 100% of its profits to its Finnegans Community Fund, a 501c3 organization. Most of the donations help to alleviate hunger in the states where Finnegans is sold. 

Finnegans Blonde Ale


In January 2012, ABSOLUT launched ABSOUT MIAMI, the sixth in its Limited Edition City Series, with a locally driven campaign that brought to life the City’s culture, heat and rhythm with the concept “From Dusk till Dawn.”

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Powerade Zero Powerade Zero

Powerade Zero, a Coca-Cola owned sports drink, was poised for victory with all-star tennis champion Venus Williams as their new spokesperson.

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McDonald's McCafe McDonald's McCafe

McDonald’s launched its new line of McCafe beverages in late 2008. The company knew it would be facing major hurdles in New England, where competitor Dunkin Donuts dominates the market.

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Newcastle Brown Ale (2008) Newcastle Brown Ale (2008)

Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England by Colonel J. Porter.  The recipe was adapted over a period of three years to create the remarkably smooth and rich flavor distinct to the beer today. 

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Absolut New Orleans Absolut New Orleans

Over the past three years, Absolut vodka has experienced a decline in key image measures.  A new Brand Positioning and Consumer Segmentation was focused on turning these measures around and was paramount in communicating key brand benefits in 2007.

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Miller Lite Wrigley Field Miller Lite Wrigley Field

Miller Lite is Chicago’s number one selling beer and enjoys strategic alliances as the “Official Beer Sponsor” of several Chicago sports teams. 

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Starbuck's Christmas Promotions Starbuck's Christmas Promotions

Starbuck’s has always had holiday gifts available, but wanted to boost their same store holiday sales. They also wanted to remind consumers of their annual Holiday Angels Toy Drive.

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Starbuck's Frappuccino - National 2005 Outdoor Media Plan Winner Starbuck's Frappuccino - National 2005 Outdoor Media Plan Winner

With an influx of competing, Frappuccino-like ice-blended beverages being introduced across the country, Starbucks needed to emphasize their leadership position during the high-consumption summer months.

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