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OOH Resource Center App

The new OAAA mobile app, the OOH Resource Center, is the latest resource aimed at supporting OOH advertising sales professionals. The OOH Resource Center app:

  • Provides OAAA member sales professionals with the most essential and relevant OOH facts to present in face-to-face client meetings
  • Proves the value of OOH with compelling visuals, advertising research, and detailed case studies

Using the app, OAAA members can inform clients about how the medium is measured, how it compares to other ad media, its effectiveness with all audiences, how it converges with mobile and social networks to engage consumers, showcase local and national OOH campaigns and more.

Benefits of the OOH Resource Center:

  • Efficient - top line OOH marketing resources provided in a single location
  • Structured – communicates the most important facts about OOH and the proof points on the value of OOH
  • Customizable – allows the user to choose presentation  content important to each unique client
  • Current - instantaneously updates with the latest information every time the user logs in
  • Immediate Sharing – allows resources to be placed in the sharing cart and emailed directly to the client 

The app also contains integrated modules for the OOH Mockup Generator, allowing users to view OOH creative in the environment; the OOH Creative Library, featuring award –winning OOH creative; and the OOH Video Gallery, hosting dynamic videos that highlight the power of OOH.

The OOH Resource App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. Access to the app requires an OAAA member login and password.

How to download the app:

  • Open the app store, search “OOH Resource Center,” and press download.
  • The app icon will appear on your screen. Open the Resource app and login using your OAAA website username and password.
A desktop version, without the touch screen functionality, is available at oohresourcecenter.oaaa.org and is a great way to become familiar with the app content.