About OOH


Airborne displays are large-format advertising panels in various shapes and sizes towed by aircraft over areas of concentrated population. Skywriting also falls into this category. Blimps are lighter-than-air craft that carry sponsor messages over major metropolitan or resort areas.

Primary Uses
Used to reach large audiences at sports events, beaches, resorts, and other high consumer congregation areas to advertise products and services; introductions; retail or sports events, motion pictures, concerts, theme parks, and so forth. These colorful, attention-getting displays are often employed in conjunction with other media programs.

Individual markets as well as national (United States, Canada, Mexico) coverage via seller networks.

Research/Market Information

Experience of advertisers as well as other marketing data available from sellers.

Method of Purchase
Individual contracts developed based on size of banner, frequency, and market coverage.

As large as 100’ W x 30’ H.


Produced on vinyl, hand painting, and trailing letters in banners. Can be produced digitally or from a 4” x 5” transparency.

One week for hand paint. Two weeks for cloth inset and computer paint.