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Bus Benches

Bus bench advertising consists of 4-color process silk-screened posters affixed to the backrest area of bus benches. Located at bus stops within urban areas often at high traffic intersections.

Primary Uses

Used primarily to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic (as well as bus riders) in urban markets. Used to reach specific demographic segments as well as mass-market coverage. Used as a point-of-sale ve¬hicle near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters, music stores, tourist attractions, and so forth.


In many major markets throughout the United States.

Research/Market Information

Contact Sellers for circulation figures.

Method of Purchase

Sold in packages for mass-market coverage or indi¬vidually placed to reach specific demographics.

Common Specifications

Overall size is 24” H x 84” W

Copy area of 22 1/2” H x 82 1/2” W. (However, custom sizes are often sold.)

Spect ratio is similar to bulletins. Can be created us¬ing solid colors or 4-color process.


Silk-screened directly onto stock in one solid color to complete 4-color process.

.125 tempered Masonite or styrene.